The Voice is one of our most powerful tools for

Healing and Divine Connection.

SpiritSongs is an invitation to explore and embrace our own unique voice.  Sat Nishan guides us on a journey of yoga, meditation, sound, chant & song to reveal the voice of our soul, increase our vibration and move into deep acceptance of ourselves.  



Workshops include:
 Yoga, Breath Technique, Meditation,
Vocalizing, Toning on Chakras,
 Sounding with Crystal Bowl & Drum, 
Singing & Chanting
Sat Nishan integrates her singing and songwriting with the spiritual principles of Sound Healing and Yoga to create SpiritSongs.  This is for anyone who wishes to claim your birthright as a singer and the experienced singer who wants to bring more spiritual awareness to your art.

“What a wonderful, heart-opening workshop for students and teachers alike.  SpiritSongs provides a safe and supportive space for people to experience the healing power of their own voices. The effects provide a higher place for everyone's meditation to begin long after the workshop is over. Sat Nishan was a complete delight to work with and I'd recommend SpiritSongs to any yoga teacher who wants to take their students deeper into the power of chant.”

Duke Doudna, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Owner of Yoga Oasis, San Diego, CA


What others had to say:

“My experience with SpiritSongs was truly transformative."

“Spiritsongs is exactly what my healing heart was praying for.” 

"I most enjoyed the freedom which accompanied feeling my own Spirit Song!" 

"SpirtSongs was Heart Opening, Heart Warming, Assuring, and Joyful!" 

"I most enjoyed Singing fearlessly"


 Private Sessions Also Available