Sat Nishan shares healing song & chant to inspire the flow of Divine Presence within us all. Combining Gurmukhi and Sanskrit Mantra with English affirmations, she creates healing sounds to awaken us to the Unconditional Love within our hearts.

Sat Nishan's performances are invitations to co-create within the sacred sound current by opening to the voice of our own soul and singing and chanting along.  Her husband, Vaikko,  joins her on percussion  and vocals.  She is sometimes blessed to have additional musicians accompany her for live performances.  The music is earthy and ethereal, with folk-rock instrumentation and angelic melodies. 

“Sat Nishan is a breath of glowing light, warmth, and sweetness of Spirit!  Her love, compassion and caring comes through her, and captures your heart!  I love this beautiful woman and all that she radiates...she is truly a blessing to all who hear her!” 

Marilyn Salas (Soul Centered & Ojai Healing Events) Ojai, CA