Reiki is an ancient healing method in which the healer lays her/his hands on areas of the body to increase the flow of life force energy.
A Reiki Healer has had her/his body’s energy channels opened up be receiving an attunement from a Reiki Master.  The attunement allows an increase of this life force energy to flow freely through the healer. 
Sat Nishan offers 60 min. intuitive healing sessions that include healing visual meditations, & sound.  Also, she is available to teach Reiki.
Sat Nishan recieved Reiki I, II, & III Training and Attunement from Reiki Master Valerie Croven Light in Portland, Maine. 
 "I had experienced Reiki once or twice before asking Sat Nishan to come work with me. I was in the middle of a very difficult pregnancy, that ended in the stillbirth of my son. My sessions with her both before and after his death were powerful healing experiences.

I then asked her to be my Reiki mentor and guide me on my journey to becoming a Reiki healer myself. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

Sat Nishan brings an amazing level of integrity, warmth and insight to her work, and is a true channel for healing energy, love and light."  ~Alana Shereen

"I have done several Reiki sessions with Sat Nishan, and can say without a doubt that they are very powerful, highly transformative, and so sweetly nourishing to the soul. That's why I keep going back. I feel safe and supported by Sat Nishan and her clear and pure presence. Every time I have come to a session with specific emotional issues that need to be addressed, I know that I am in a safe space where I can be real and let go, and throughout the course of the session the deeper underlying causes are addressed and cleared. I am also always amazed at the accuracy and potency of the information that comes through in her channelings. I would recommend Sat Nishan's Reiki sessions to anyone in need of deep healing and support, and everyone who feels called to energy healing in general."  ~Rory Austin