Surrender was produced by Thomas Barquee, who also plays bass, keyboards, and sings on this album.   There is also the extrordinary musicianship of Girish on percussion, Simone Sello on guitar, Vaikko on backing vocals, Cameron Stone on cello, Sandip Chaterjee on Santoor & Shakti Nag on flute.  I am so grateful to all of them for being a part of this project. The album is now available for purchase. 




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Michael Diamond (

Review excerpt from Music & Media Focus
As a music journalist, one of the things I treasure the most is the opportunity to write about music that is uplifting to the body, mind, and spirit and that promotes positive energy, unity, and world peace. The music of Sat Nishan Kaur certainly fits that description. Yoga and spirituality are basic elements in her music and lifestyle. Her latest release, Surrender, was produced by Thomas Barquee, who also produced recordings by the popular devotional singer Snatam Kaur. In addition, he adds vocals, keyboards and bass on the recording. A number of other fine musicians, including her husband Vaikko Allen add their talents on guitar, percussion, cello, flute, vocals, and santoor (a Persian stringed instrument).

The album opens with the title track and its clear from the start that Sat Nishan is a gifted songstress. The tone and timbre of her voice is quite lovely, and is sweet as honey with a touch of spice. I was impressed with the way she was able to sustain long notes, adding just the right amount of vibrato and modulation, giving her voice an almost instrument-like quality at times. Acoustic guitar is another of her “voices.” Some of the songs, such as the second track start with a chanted mantra before evolving into lyrics sung in English. The tabla drums on this track, as well as on others, add a bit of Eastern vibe and world music flavor. While Sat Nishan’s voice is the jewel in the lotus of these compositions, there is definitely an ensemble feeling to the music. I particularly liked how her voice soared above a rich choir of background vocals towards the end of a track called “Love Is The Fire.” The last song on the CD, “Remember,” is a nice showcase for the range of Sat Nishan’s voice, which can go from a soft, almost-spoken tone, to a more powerful spirit-filled chant.

The music on Surrender has been compared to that of Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur, and Tina Malia, and I’m sure that fans of those angel-voiced vocalists will find a kindred spirit in the deeply devotional and heartfelt offerings on Sat Nishan’s latest release.

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Alana S.

Beautiful, uplifting songs and chants
I love this album! In 2010 discovered Kundalini yoga and the incredible talent of Snatam Kaur. When I saw that Thomas Barquee was producing this CD, I knew the quality would be fantastic - and it is. It's also music that I find myself laughing to, crying to, singing and chanting with. I feel joyful and more deeply connected to myself and the Divine when I listen. I love Amy's versions of the Kundalini chants and her songs are gorgeous. When I want to shift my energy into a more positive place, I reach for this style of music and Surrender is now at the top of my list.

A. Huber

Can't Say Enough!
I can't say enough about this album! It crosses over genres and speaks to anyone. I listen to it over and over in the car and while I'm walking. The songs are uplifting and calming at the same time. I love it!

Jackie Sherman

Music like an Angel
I listen to Sat Nishan every morning when I take my walk. If I start out worrying about anything, her music soothes me.
She has a beautiful voice and sings from her heart.
I can feel her sincerity in every mantra.
I recommend her CD to anyone who is trying to find the peace that lies inside themselves.

Rebecca LaWind

Love this music
Listening to Sat Nishan Kaur makes me feel rejuvenated and peaceful. Her sweetness in her voice reminds me
to be pure and loving. I shared this CD with my yoga class last week and they all commented on how they loved it.
It brought energy to the flow of class and also peace in each breathe. The music is also vibrant and joyful. It makes my heart feel full of life and love. Thank you for sharing your voice and soul. Blessed Be.


For download, here is the 11 minute Ap Sahai Hoa Meditation. (Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download this file.)

Ap Sahai Hoa Meditation

(Sit in cross-legged position, eyes rolled inward and upward focused at the third eye point, right hand is over left hand with thumbs touching, palms are facing up at heart center, visulaize light moving up the spine as you chant ap sahai hoa sache da sacha doa, then as you chant Har, Har, Har, visulize the light moving into your heart center, in that light visualize what you want to manifest in your life...always chant from the navel)  Do this meditation every day for at least 40 the magic unfold in your life:)

the other Downloads available are for singing and chanting along as used in SpiritSongs...Enjoy:) (Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download this file.)

River Is Flowing (Sa Ta Na Ma)

Om Tara